Commands & Permissions

The three main commands for Quests are /quests, /quest, and /questadmin. The first two are enabled for all users by default, while the last one is reserved for server ops. To change this behavior, such as giving /questadmin to non-op administrators, you must set up permissions.

Player Commands

Below is a chart which describes each command and its associated permission. Note that the subcommands (list, take, quit, et al.) can change if you select another plugin language, but permissions will remain the same.

Pro-tip: By default, you can also use /qs and /q in place of /quests and /quest, respectively!

Administrator Commands

Administrator commands, which should only be granted to those you trust not to misuse them, are outlined below.

Pro-tip: Use quests.admin.*, quests.editor.*, quests.actions.* and quests.conditions.* to encompass all admin and editor permissions, respectively! By default, you can also use /qa instead of /questadmin!

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